Valerie McCausland

I have been seeing Clark since May. He will quickly become such an important part of your life if you’re anything like me. He’s far more than an acupunturist and works to heal your mind, spirit and overall being. He is personable, really cares about YOU and from the start you will feel comfortable as if you’re spending time with an old friend. He’s non judgemental, listens and treats you based on the conversations you have with him and his own experiences that he openly shares. In just 2 months, I have found an inner calm I never had before, I have a brighter outlook on life in general and things that would really irritate me in the past are tolerated much easier. My self esteem is improving and I’m learning self acceptance, which is so important to everything you do each day. Clark teaches life skills- it’s not just a one hour treatment. He lends insight and gives you tools you carry with you and reflect on as you go through each day. I have seen considerable improvement in myself already and I can only imagine how different a person I may be a year from now- in all the right ways. I’m really looking forward to the journey with him- can’t imagine doing it without Clark in my life!!

Gary Sitek

Kismet. Fate. All things happen for a reason and such was the case when I met Clark Mollenhoff. He, my wife and I met serendipitously and we began chatting. Clark described his practice and his approach to healing the total person. After our meeting, my wife and I said the same thing at the same time. We both felt a strong connection with and trust in Clark and that he was someone who could truly help me deal with my illnesses and my ability to deal with them through acupuncture and deep, meaningful, open discussion.I must note that I have never “opened up” to anyone, but my instincts told me that if ever this were to happen, it was now, with this man. Thus, I sought Clark’s help/guidance dealing with my psyche and illnesses.After my first visit with Clark, I discovered that he, through his questions and guidance, was the sounding board and teacher I needed. Thanks to Clark, I was, for the first time, able to understand and talk about what “makes me tick.”Clark’s knowledge, experience and demeanor helped me open the floodgates I kept closed for so many years. I leave every acupuncture session feeling mentally and physically relaxed.If you ever contemplated acupuncture treatment, Clark Mollenhoff is the man to see – No question.

Lynn Castagna

I have been receiving acupuncture treatment from Clark Mollenhoff for more than a year now. Initially, I thought of acupuncture as a way to help heal arthritis hip and knee pain. I had the same idea of acupuncture that I did about current American “modern” medicine. Take a pill, or take a needle in this case, and it will fix the problem. I very soon learned that acupuncture is completely unlike that. Clark first talks with me about what has been going on in my life; my feelings; health concerns and issues at that time; relationship issues; anything that I want to tell him about. He listens very actively and compassionately. I feel heard. He feels my pulses – there are many in this discipline. He then determines the best course of treatment and places needles in the appropriate places. As I lay still when Clark leaves the treatment room to let me “rest,” I am relaxed and at peace. I have learned to breathe deeper; I have more blissful moments; I have less pain; I see things differently; my overall health has improved; I enjoy walking and swimming now; I have learned to meditate. My regard for Clark as a professional acupuncturist and consultant is very high. I hope you will go see him.

Kathryn Kidd

How do I find the words that convey clearly how finding Mollenhoff Acupuncture has been a turning point in my life? Finding Clark Mollenhoff, and finding acupuncture, has had a truly transformational impact on all aspects of my life. After two years of feeling truly horrible, physically and emotionally day in and day out, I was at my wits end and only feeling worse each day. I had tried everything I could think to try except acupuncture. I would never have imagined that in less than a year, my life would be so much better thanks to Clark and his practice. His wisdom, his caring, his knowledge, and his expertise are incredible, I count myself so lucky to have found Mollenhoff Acupuncture. Through acupuncture with Clark I’ve not only treated my body, I’ve started to learn tools for how to truly care for my body/body/spirit of which acupuncture is one key pillar. I went into Clark hoping for a way to feel physically better, and I’ve gained so much more than that from this experience than I ever could have imagined. My hope was to improve very low energy, headaches, tension, and other affects due to stress. All of those areas have been dramatically improved. I consistently feel so much better each day. In the early treatments just seeing a glimmer of how I could feel, even if it was briefly, made such a huge impact on my overall outlook. From my very first session, Clark put me at ease and made this a very comfortable and positive experience. Clark creates a very nurturing, supportive, comfortable feeling in his practice. I would strongly encourage you to go to him. I have personally recommended Clark to many of my friends and family and they have had the same wonderful experience.

Ann Rickert

I have been seeing Clark for Acupuncture for about 6 months and it has been a life altering experience. Problems that have plagued me for many years as I navigated the traditional health system were alleviated almost immediately. I went from taking multiple medications a day to one or two, and I feel much better than I have in many years. Additionally Clark has helped me navigate the diet changes necessary to alleviate future issues with my particular triggers. Most importantly Clark is open and welcoming to everyone and just makes you feel like someone is paying attention to what you actually need to become a healthier and happier person. He is funny, caring and very sensitive to each person’s particular situation and needs. I cannot say enough about how much I love this guy!

Tina Story

I could not imagine anyone on this planet that could not benefit from Clark’s acupuncture treatments. I have been a client for over 1 year and have been amazed at the impact my treatments have had on my ability to manage stress, which was my primary reason for seeking acupuncture. He has wisdom that is remarkably healing, as I had experienced in a profound manner during two extraordinarily stressful times in my life. I have also been astounded by the breadth of ailments that acupuncture can treat. If anyone is seeking care for well-being, whether physical or emotional, I would 100% recommend Clark to begin their journey of healing.

Dr. Jennifer Krueger

The acupuncture treatment I’ve received over the last year and a half since I first started seeing Clark Mollenhoff has had a profound impact on my quality of life and overall wellbeing. When I first sought his alternative therapy, I was exploring this modality of treatment out of pure fascination and intrigue as well as another means of looking to realign my mind and body as Clark first introduced the concept to me. I was experiencing severe emotional distress and subsequent physical ailments that over the course of a few months began to ease due to frequent treatment sessions guided by Clark. He possesses a genuine compassion for one’s afflictions, a keen ability to hone in on the true nature of a symptom or problem, and a calming friendly beside manner. I can attest that I looked forward to every session with him and felt more relaxed, less stressed and often that my physical discomfort had been diminished following a treatment. I feel that over the course of my sessions, I experienced a definite realigning of my mind and body. He has helped equip me with an overall better sense of myself and my ability to understand my actions and feelings on a deeper level.

Nicolette C.

As one who subscribes to holistic healing, I was open to the experience of my very first acupuncture treatment. However, I was unaware of how significantly positive the treatment would be. Clark fostered and maintained an environment that felt open, safe, and warm.The initial consultation was, in and of itself, enlightening for me as we discussed various aspects of my physical constitution, habits, emotional well being, etc. I was surprised by how much I learned—about the healing process and about myself. Clark listened intently and with compassion, occasionally asking thoughtful questions that were devoid of any judgment.  It was very clear that he made a genuine effort to be sensitive to where I was coming from, and to adjust his communication—verbal and nonverbal—accordingly. Clark’s grasp of his discipline was also very apparent. Following the consultation, during the treatment segment, he was careful to explain each action taken on his part (i.e. checking my pulse, finding points, explaining what each point was, etc.). He remained professional and with a sense of humor when appropriate.
My second session was especially powerful, and Clark was wholly present and encouraging of my openness to all that I was experiencing. He shared some of his own experiences and reactions when he first began acupuncture, which was very reassuring for me. Clark’s dedication to healing is genuine.

Richard Bishop

For anyone considering acupuncture — I’ve been seeing Clark Mollenhoff for about nine months now. I’ve had treatments from many talented people over the years. I’m finding Clark’s presence, wisdom, and general vibe to be a perfect match for what’s going on in my life now. We end up doing a lot of “guy talk” within the context of wellness, which is really refreshing. I highly recommend him!

Diana C. Woods | Founder and Executive Director of SpiritFirst.org

My work with Mr. Mollenhoff was an important part of my health journey, not only for the clinical benefits of the acupuncture itself (which were profound) but also for the fullness of care and attention that came with each session. One of the greatest gifts Mr. Mollenhoff presented was his ability to offer open attention. I was greatly supported by his inquiry and observation being without expectation and without preconceived ideas. Mr. Mollenhoff always presented his inquiries with an openness and a quietness that offered support in whatever my answer might be. He was an excellent listener and I felt heard. He carefully observed and noted my experiences and was attentive to my needs as a patient. He was insightful and perhaps, even, intuitive. He engaged in discussions for possibilities in my progress. He was at all times professional, even in seemingly casual conversation (this was important to me), and in the acupuncture work he was careful, gentle, and thorough.
I had great, rich sessions in Mr. Mollenhoff’s care, and I am healthier and happier today for having had my experiences in acupuncture with him. I highly recommend him to others, and I look forward to returning to him from time to time to strengthen and support my health.

Ashley H.

Clark is a pretty freaking amazing acupuncturist. At first, I went in just to see if he could help me alleviate some pretty awful insomnia I’ve been suffering from for the past six months. Knowing my slight fear of needles, he has been very gentle and has only gone as far as I am comfortable. I’m definitely sleeping a lot better now because of my sessions with him.
But beyond that, he’s so wise and really works with me to support my overall wellness – body, mind and spirit. I’m not always the most open person, but the patient/practitioner relationship he and I have built has given me the courage and freedom to tell him things I probably wouldn’t otherwise. He holds me accountable and challenges me to take better care of myself. He moves me out of my comfort zone, which is at times…uncomfortable. In short, I can’t say enough about him and I can’t imagine getting acupuncture from anyone else.

Anthony C.

An outstanding homegrown practitioner who is both knowledgeable and intuitive. Clark offers more than just physical healing, taking a holistic approach that addresses the mind & body. I’ve had many treatments which have been both effective and personally rewarding for someone who had never experienced this underrated medicine. I highly recommend his practice.

 Meghan A.

As a person who has had acupuncture before, I didn’t have the usual nerves of a first-time client. However, as soon as I began my experience at Mollenhoff Acupuncture, I could tell that even the most anxious person would be put at ease. The building has a warm, comfortable feeling to it, and Clark’s gentle nature made me feel comfortable explaining my troubles to him. Clark’s mastery of Eastern medicine and his passion for healing were amazing. He definitely proved his skills to me, because I left feeling relief from pain from my physical issues, a sense of mental clarity, and a positive emotional outlook. This appointment definitely gave me the results I was looking for, and I can’t wait to go back!