Acupuncture and Wellness Sessions


To heal our bodies, we must first heal our lives. We must explore our own belief systems and uncover the ones that have been limiting our growth. We must give up our role as victims of circumstance and accept our current state completely in order to move forward. We must recognize the choice we have in our lives and begin making powerful decisions in a new direction. This is how we heal. Crisis will tear us down so that we can rebuild ourselves from the foundation up. We don’t have to wait for crisis to hit our lives to start rebuilding our foundation.

What I offer as a practitioner is the commitment to work with you to effect positive change in your life. Some of the tools i use to assist our progress are Acupuncture, Breath and Meditation Exercises, Eastern Philosophy, Chinese Nutrition, Herbal, and Manual Therapy. We will talk. We will explore the art of being human. We will practice being, accepting,letting go and moving forward. I will support you through difficulty and I will support you in designing and strategizing a more balanced and powerful way of being in the world.

-I am currently In-Network with Care First, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA / Great-West Healthcare, and with others coming soon. In the mean time I will fill out receipts upon request for submission for reimbursement to your healthcare provider.

Our First Session

Our first meeting will include a consultation and first acupuncture session and will usually take approximately 90 minutes. The consultation will consist of a thorough medical and social history, a short Chinese physical exam, and a discussion of your goals for treatment and life. Then, we will get started on a journey to better, more vibrant health.

I use sterile, disposable, single use, stainless steel, hair-thin needles. I maintain a clean, friendly environment for my patients. I provide counseling based in the ancient wisdom of observing the natural movements of life. It is my goal to partner with you in this learning and healing experience. Whether it is physical pain, mental or emotional pain, chronic or acute illnesses, or even life stages or situations — a stressful job, a difficult transition, relationship troubles, a traumatic event, or simply not knowing what path to follow, I look forward to working with you. It is my hope to provide a bridge towards more strength, wisdom, and peace in yourself.

Most people experience no discomfort or a mild sensation as the needles are inserted. Sometimes there is a dull ache, or a slight tingling sensation. Following the treatment it is common to feel calm and relaxed, focused and energized, or more grounded and centered. I recommend wearing or bringing loose and comfortable clothing to your sessions.

The effects of treatment are cumulative. One treatment builds on the next and informs the progression of treatment. Just as it takes time to build muscle, it takes time and commitment to redevelop healthy energetic patterns in the body. As this happens, the positive effects of treatments will last longer. I generally recommend that new clients come once a week for 6-8 sessions to get the best results.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are also available without acupuncture if you are not comfortable with needles but would still like to make powerful changes in your life. We will focus on meditation practices, breath awareness, and the art of being human. Inevitably, there will be suffering in our lives. It is the attitude we hold about our suffering that makes the difference between what we can bear and move beyond and what will overwhelm us.


For Best Results:

    • Drink plenty of water after treatments, preferably at room temperature. Acupuncture can be strongly detoxifying and the body needs adequate fluids to flush those toxins out and rehydrate the tissues.
    • Avoid very cold beverages for 4 hours after a treatment
    • Abstain from alcohol for 24 hours before and after a session
    • Avoid consuming caffeine prior to treatment
    • It is ideal to schedule sessions so that you have some time to relax or do something enjoyable following the treatment. This isn’t always possible in our daily schedules but it is advised not to engage in strenuous physical activity soon after a treatment.
    • Any drugs other than those prescribed by your physician can interfere with the effectiveness of treatment.
    • Avoid eating very heavy meals directly afterwards

Once we accept our limits we go beyond them – Albert Einstein